Scissor Lift in Pakistan

Scissor Lift in Pakistan

Hydraulic Scissor lifts are used for various maintenance jobs at heights, With JIC Scissor Lifts the access to work on heights are now more easier. JIC wide range of Lifts helps to accomplish task within seconds.
Scissor Lift in Pakistan is manufactured by JIC PVT Ltd since 2001

JIC Scissor Lift is a Hydraulic Table Lift which is best suitable to work at building to achieve Heights within seconds. Manufactured with highly precision. Towing and Self Drive option available as per customer requirements.

Travelling: the scissor lift is moved from one place to other via manual towing however JIC also offer self propelled scissor lift solutions but the price comparison of both variants are high.

Cage: Scissor Lift Cage is foldable and made of Steel

Operation: the Scissor lift is operated hydraulically up and down with the control panel available on the bucket and base:

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