Telescopic Boom Aerial Platform Vs Articulated Boom Aerial Platform

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Telescopic Boom Aerial Platform Vs Articulated Boom Aerial Platform

The main difference between these two types of aerial lifts is that a telescoping boom lift can only rise up in a straight line while an articulating boom can stretch and bend. A telescoping lift is perfect when working in a clear area, while an articulating lift might be required if there are any large obstacles such as trees or structures.

Telescopic Boom Lifts

A telescopic boom lift is usually has a work bucket that is mounted on an extendable straight arm, sitting on a rotating turntable. These types of aerial lifts are used for jobs requiring maximum height, because their straight arm extends higher than other types of boom lifts. This lift is appropriate for tasks like electrical repairs and exterior repairs for medium height buildings.

Articulated Boom Lift

An articulated boom, also known as a knuckle lift, has a platform that is easily bent to reach around obstacles. These types of lifts can be used during maintenance work on landscaped of completed projects because its bendable arm allows you to reach up and over existing structures, rooflines, trees, or other obstacles.

When deciding which type of aerial lift to use for your next project, be sure to look at these factors – physical requirements, the size of your application, the terrain of your work area, the size of loads you are handling, precision to work, and the reach capacity needed.

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