Scissor Lift Mounted on Vehicle

Scissor Lift Mounted on Vehicle

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Vehicle Mounted Scissor Lift
The vehicle mounted lift platform can be powered by car or DC power supply. And the travelling function of vehicle gives the platform outstanding flexibility and mobility, so this type of scissor platform is very suitable for long distance and efficiency required working condition.
Vehicle mounted scissor lift is a modified aerial working equipment combining scissor lift and cars or battery vehicles. It adopts traditional hydraulic scissor lifting structure with larger working platform and higher bearing ability, giving more room and allowing more operators to work at the same time.

Characteristics of Vehicle Mounted Scissor Lift
High mobility;
Anti slippery platform;
Protection rails and low voltage control system to ensure safety;
Takes vehicle as support base with better brake performance and convenient power supply;
Suitable for long distance aerial working, such as streetlights maintenance, engineering rescue and so on;
Compatible with most vehicle makes.
Scissor lifts are equipped on the truck chassis, the power supply comes from the truck engine, it does not need any out coming power sources; high working capacity, most spacious platforms for several people to work on, easily moved, high strength steel structures, smoothly lifting up and dropping down, easily operated; The out riggers could be manually operated or hydraulic.

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