Front End Loader

From the very first loader made by JIC, we have created enviable traditions of world-class engineering, design excellence, robust construction and innovation. Due to work needs, JIC classified Tractor Loaders into 3 basic segments

  • Front End Loader – Agriculture Model JFL-A
  • Front End Loader – Commercial Model JFL-C
  • Front End Loader – Industrial Model JFL-I

Except these models, JIC also manufacture loaders as per custom requirements like Extra Big Loader, 4 in 1 loader, Detachable loaders, Grabber etc. Please have a look at the front end loader ranges below.

  • Agriculture Front End Loader

    Compatible with Tractor built-in hydraulic pump and easy to attach with all kind of Tractors, JIC Agriculture Front End Loader is the most economical lifting attachment for light weight operations.
  • Commercial Front End Loader

    Ideally designed for moderate lifting requirement and fast operations with the help of external hydraulic pump, our Commercial Front End Loader Structure design provides maximum work efficiency and operator visibility while working.
  • Industrial Front End Loader

    Front End Loader

    Convert your tractor into a Powerful Machine with our Industrial Loader, providing maximum lift capacity and Auto Leveling Bucket Mechanism using Heavy Duty Frame Structure, JIC Industrial Loader endure whatever comes to it.