Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift in Pakistan manufactured by Javaid Industrial Company is compact and easily Tow-able by single person to move from one place to other. JIC Scissor Lift is highly optimized and designed according to the requirements of working at heights. Our Handheld Mobile Elevating Access Platforms are easy to operate and equipped with standard safety factors.


Scissor Lift
Scissor Lift in Pakistan
  • Four Solid Outriggers at the Scissor Lift Bed made the superstructure more stable during working at height.
  • AC Powered Lift or DC Powered Lifts both solutions are available as per customer requirement.
  • The Tow-Type Scissor Lift also integrated with sliding bed that enable the lift bed to have a maximum outreach as per design limitations.
  • Double axle and 04 tyres with front axle empowered of turning option help the lift in smooth travelling.
  • Operate able from Base ass well as from bucket.
  • Hydraulically Movement UP and Down.
  • Sliding bed Option available
  • Fold-able Scissor Lift Bed Railing, minimum front width of scissor lift helps easy passage from compact places.

Our extensive range of electric and rough terrain scissor lift access platforms offer you unmatched performance and versatility when working at height and can significantly boost productivity.


Working Height

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Lifting Capacity

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