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Industrial Front End Loader

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Front End Loader

JIC Industrial Tractor Loader frame is designed that it holds, lift and tilt the bucket located at the end of two long arms with strength and safety. The Industrial Front End Tractor Loader is hydraulically powered which provides the necessary power to lift not only the load, but also the weight of the bucket and arms. Supported 1800 kg Lifting capacity that convert your tractor into POWERFUL MACHINE.

Industrial Front End Tractor Loader 

JIC Industrial Front End Tractor Loader is featured with SELF LEVELING BUCKET with the up-gradation of Front Tyre and Rim to give extra power to tractor front body to lift heavy weight.

Featuring attachable or detachable loader attachment, our Loader attachment comes in various design which can be attached with tractor within minutes and after you complete your job you can easily detach it to free tractor.

Recommended Tractor Attachment for Cotton Bale HandlingHusk Application, Coal ApplicationLoose Cotton HandlingCrusher ApplicationCotton-paper Industry BucketStone BucketHigh Dump loader and relevant industries.