Fire Fighting Cum Aerial Platform

Fire Fighting Cum Aerial Platform

  • Upto 80 Feet Working height
  • Telescopic Boom with Water Way
  • Highly Stable 4 Nos of Outriggers
  • Builtin Water Tank
  • Auxiliary Engine
  • Escape Chute for Emergency Rescue


First Time in Pakistan JIC has manufactured Aerial Platform with Fire Crash Tender that has multiple usage. JIC Aerial Platform is designed for effective rescue and fire fighting in high rise buildings on fire. The JIC design includes telescopic boom, independent control hydraulic outrigger, electric panel for prompt operations, water tank, Aluminium cage, telescopic waterway and escape chute that can operate to rescue people and the waterway helps to extinguish fires in high rise buildings on fire and high fire risk areas.

+ Working height up-to 80’ for Hydraulic Ladder
+ Water Tank 8000 Liter Capacity
+ Water Tank multiple inlet options
+ Fire Water Gun
+ 180 Degree Rotation of Hydraulic Ladder Optional
+ Emergency Escape Chute
+ Waterway From Tank to Bucket upto 80 feet
+ Individual Control for each Hydraulic Operation.
+ Hydro Electric or Manual Controls as per requirement.
+ Hydraulically Operated Outriggers for maximum stability.
+ All Hydraulic jacks are equipped with Safety Relief Valve.
+ Tool Boxes at Base of Platform for Luggage and Accessories.